실제 항공통신에서 사용되는 국제표준용어입니다. 조종사와 관제사라면 정확한 의미도 함께 이해하고 있어야 합니다. ICAO와 FAA의 용어에는 차이가 있으며 민간과 군에서도 사용하는 용어의 차이가 있습니다. 아래의 용어들은 ICAO Doc9432에 근거합니다.

ACKNOWLEDGE  -  "Let me know that you have received and understood this message."


AFFIRM  -  "Yes."


APPROVED  -  "Permission for proposed action granted."


BREAK  -  "I hereby indicate the separation between portions of the message."

                Note.ㅡ To be used where there is no clear distinction between the text and other portions of the message.


BREAK BREAK  -  "I hereby indicate the separation between messages transmitted to different aircraft in a very busy environment."


CANCEL  -  "Annul the previously transmitted clearance."


CHECK  -  "Examine a system or procedure."

                 Note.ㅡ Not to be used in any other context. No answer is normally expected.


CLEARED  -  "Authorized to proceed under the conditions specified."


CONFIRM  -  "I request verifications of: (clearance, instruction, action, information)."


CONTACT  -  "Establish communications with . . ."


CORRECT  -  "True" or "Accurage".


CORRECTION  -  "An error has been made in this transmission (or message indicated). The correct version is . . ."


DISREGARD  -  "Ignore."


HOW DO YOU READ  -  "What is the readability of my transmission?"


I SAY AGAIN  -  "I repeat for clarity or emphasis."


MAINTAIN  -  "Continue in accordance with the condition(s) specified or in its literal sense, e.g. "maintain VFR".


MONITOR  -  "Listen out on (frequency)."


NEGATIVE  -  "No" or "Permission not granted" or "That is not correct" or "not capable". <-> Affirmative


OUT  -  "This exchange of transmissions is ended and no response in expected."

              Note.ㅡ Not normally used in VHF communications.


OVER  -  "My transmission is endedand I expect a response from you."

               Note.ㅡ Not normally used in VHF communications.


READ BACK  -  "Repeat all, or the specified part, of this message back to me exactly as received."


RECLEARED  -  "A change has been made to your last clearance and this new clearance supersedes your previous clearance or part thereof."


REPORT  -  "Pass me the following information. . ."


REQUEST  -  "I should like to know . . ." or "I wish to obtain . . ."


ROGER  -  "I have received all of your last transmission.:

 Note.ㅡ Under no circumstances to be used in reply to a question requiring "READ BACK" or a direct answer in the  affirmative(AFFIRM) or negative(NEGATIVE).


SAY AGAIN  -  "Repeat all, or the following part, of your last transmission." 


SPEAK SLOWER  -  "Reduce your rate of speech." 


STANBY  -  "Wait and I will call you." 

  Note.ㅡ The caller would normally re-establish contact if the delay is lengthy. STANBY is not an approval or denial.  


UNABLE  -  "I cannot comply with your request, instruction, or clearance." 

  Note.ㅡ UNABLE is normally followed by a reason. 


WILCO  -  (Abbreviation for "will comply".) 


WORDS TWICE  -  a) As a request :  "Communication is difficult. Please send every word or group of words twice." 

 b) As information :  "Since communication is difficult, every word or group of words this message willbe sent twice." 

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